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  • The low cost app
    for small hotels, B&B's
    and apartments

    For iPhone and Android
  • Your personal
    city guide at your
    guests' finger tips

    For iPhone and Android
  • For iPhone and Android

Designed to cater to the needs of small hotels, B&Bís and short stay apartments

With our smart mobile app platform every hotelier can have their own hotel app at an affordable price. Imagine, your personal recommendations for food, drinks, attractions, tours and other usefull hotel info, exclusively in the hands of your guests at all times. The Digital Concierge will give direct answers to loads of questions you encounter every day, the built-inn navigation and a bring-me-back-button makes it even easier.
This app is not about replacing personal contact with your guests, it will only make it more efficient and it adds to your service level.


How do I get
to your B&B?


Do you know
a nice restaurant
in the


Can you tell me the
way to
this museum?