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Designed to cater to the needs of hosts

With our smart mobile app all hosts can have their own app at an affordable price. Suitable for holiday homes, hotels, hostels, b&b’s and short stay. Imagine to have your own personal recommendations for food, drinks, attractions, experiences and useful information exclusively in the hands of your guests at all times. Fully offline usable.

Answer the top asked questions guests ask every day!

“App to date with Ibiza Diferente”
Jeroen Roodenburg, Owner
IbizaDiferente – Ibiza

“The perfect way to connect with our guests, before they arrive and to help them discover the neighborhood”
Fatos van de Biezen, Owner
Villa360 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“We give our guest the best experience of Bangkok with The Digital Concierge”
Ernst-Otto Smit, Owner
Hotel Tropical Paradise – Bangkok, Thailand

“Complete app, intuitive and functional, much appreciated by my guests”
Marco Maria Oddo, Owner
Made in Ortigia Apartments – Siracusa, Italy

“It is an added value for our guests and very easy to use”
Silvia Picchi, Manager
The Lodge Whisperer – Hoedspruit, South Africa

Besides our accommodation, this app is the best we can offer our guests”
Richard Walraven, Owner
Casa Opala Townhouse – Olhão, Portugal

A fantastic and easy way to help our guests plan their vacation in advance!
Caroline van Santvoord, Owner
Eco Hotel Maya Luna – Mahahual, Mexico

“We use the app now for almost 3 years, we and our guests are very positive about it!
Max van de Ven, Owner
Hunting castle Le Logis – Chenaud, France

Your own app in 3 easy steps

Register, gather your information, think of your top recommendations and “need-to-knows” and start to create your app. You know your guests, you know your area. Give your guest the best and unique experience they will remember you for. Our online content manager is easy, no technical skills needed. Not happy with the content? You can modify it at any time.

The Digital Concierge is the perfect match

Hotels, B&B’s, Short stay, hostels

€5,- p/month/room
with a minimum of €120,- p/year

Vacation rentals (villas, homes, apartments)

one accommodation: €10,- p/month
multiple accommodations: +€7,50 p/month each

Registration is free. No payment details requested. 30 days fully
free trial, no obligation

Your own branded app?

With our White Label solution you can have your own branded app in the App Store and GooglePlay. For a one-time fee starting at €2.500,- you can have your own app. We take care of everything, from design to launch in the stores. Read more about our White Label solution…

Start to create your app in three easy steps

1. Register

And immediately start creating your app(s)

2. Gather Information

From WiFi code to your personal favorite restaurants, nightlife, attractions and experiences. As well as useful information.

3. Get your app code and share

Your app code is the key to your app for guests. You can create one yourself.

Sharing is caring

Now your app is ready, share it with your guests. Send it in your booking-confirmations and give them the download-instructions and the app code. You only need two lines of text and it works to give your guests an unforgettable stay! Even before they have arrived.

We have different kinds of digital tools, to help you to inform your guests, either pre-arrival or when they have arrived. Click on “Logos & Links” bottom right of this page.

Registration is free. No payment details requested. 30 days fully
free trial, no obligation

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